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My name is Marrk Harris and I am a Current Film Student and entrepreneur. I started HindSight Media in 2019 to find a way to do what i love, so it will  never feel like work. I have a deep passion for creating art from capturing life's precious moments. Using photography and videography I'm allowed to express those key moments, in a unique and beautiful way for my self and for my clients.

Besides my parents the greatest teacher Ive had in life has been my Hindsight. Through Hindsight  I've been able to learn and see things I often overlooked or just didn't understand. sometimes we don't have the same depth of field until we go back and for a second view of a situation. Most of the time we don't even have the chance of a second look. At Hindsight Media we are your second look. 


I offer my clients  the chance to suspend time and see things with a heightened sense of clarity and extreme attention to detail. I approach every project as if I seen it happen already. I eliminate the efforts that wont work and I use strategic methods  that i know will improve the over all finished product. This is why "everything is  Clear in Hindsight"